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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Every student is required to have a copy of the school manual which must be brought to school every day. Failing to which the students may be sent home.

All Pupils should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.

Great stress is laid on punctually, regular attendance and discipline. Absence without prior per mission on the first day of class after any vacation is considered serious offence.

The school lays as much emphasis on character formation as on excellence in all school subjects.

Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

Care must be taken of all school property and damage done in class or about the school premises will have to be made good by those responsible for it. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount to be paid shall be final.

No books other than those prescribed should be brought to school without the permission of the school authorities.

No collection for any purpose what so ever including any sort of fines is to be taken, and so meetings demonstration or party may be held without the previous sanction of the Principal.

Being an English medium school, it is expected that student speak English in the school premises.

Incase of absence no child will be admitted to class without a leave note. In case of long leave prior application should be given to the Principal.

Pupil shall always greet teacher, elders and friends in a pleasant tone or voice, when ever they meet them, in school or outside. They shall be polite in speaking to one another.

Every students must be in school five minutes before the first bell. If pupils are late they are liable to be sent home at the parents own link.

All must consider it their responsibility to keep the school premises clean. Every child must be particularly careful to avoid throwing waste papers, fruit peels etc. out side the windows of the waste paper baskets being provided for this purpose.

For break of any of the school rules of norms of conduct a pupil may be punished or fined at the discretion of the Principal