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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct For Students

Students should bring school diary daily to the school.

Children should strictly follow the school timing. After the 1st bell the main gate will be closed.

Students should be polite and they should greet the teachers and elders wherever they meet them.

Students should keep their classroom neat and clean. All waste paper and unnecessary materials should be thrown in to the dustbin.

Shouting and whistling in school campus, running and playing in the class room and verandahs etc. are strictly prohibited.

Chewing- gums and mouth freshener are strictly prohibited.

No leave will be sanctioned without the written application from the guardians showing valid reasons. Leave will be sanctioned by the class teachers only for three days and for more than three days it is to be sanctioned by the Principal or Voice Principal only.

No application will be entertained by the school authority to go home before dispersal.

Children should maintain perfect discipline in the school campus.

All the assets of the school must be handled properly.

Students are not allowed to bring any story books periodicals or cosmic to school other than the one issued from the library.

Use of jewelries and other valuable items like cash, camera, cell phone is strictly prohibited. School shall not be responsible if it lost or misplaced.

Children suffering from infectious or contagious diseases are not allowed to attend the school.

It is compulsory to attend unit test, half yearly and annual examinations.

Students should complete their home works and class works regularly and submit their copies to the respective subject teachers in time. The copies will be counter checked by the Principal/ Voice Principal every month.

Students must come to school in neat and clean uniform.

Irregular attendance, negligence of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards teachers and members of the staff may lead to discipline actions.

No students should keep long nails. Boys will have trimmed hair and girls should tie their hair with ribbon in plaits or we

Children should take care of their belongings.

Students should move in an orderly and disciplined manner in the school. They should not carry their bags when they go to the play ground.

All note books and text books should be kept neatly. The text books should be wrapped with brown paper and with proper label.

Children are not allowed to tear papers from their note books and play with them.

Students should not bring their friends from others schools inside or near the school for any reason, which may lead to strict disciplinary action.

Students must be in school uniform whenever they come to school for any other reason after the school hours.

All students must speak English in the school campus.

Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged between students.

No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be made and no meeting, demonstration or picnic may be held without the previous sanction of the Principal.

Children have no permission to attend parties or to go to friend’s house on their way back home from the school.

Cycles must be kept locked in the cycle stand only. Students should not ride around the school compound on bicycles. While entering or leaving the school gate one must walk instead of riding.

Those who go home alone should not loiter about on the way. They should be prompt in returning home. Students are warned not to buy anything especially eatables from street vendors.

Students will not be called to answer phone calls during class hours.

Those parents/children who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against the school or join with any antisocial element to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the school. Those students will be dismissed without giving any notice.

The management has the right to take disciplinary action against students /parents who do not comply with school rules and requirements.